cover01This week on the Drone Radio Show, I interviewed Nick Horbaczewski, CEO and Founder of the Drone Racing League and Ryan Gury, Director of Product (also at Drone Racing League).  The interview was packed with a wealth of information on the challenges and opportunities of creating a new sport and fan base around drone racing.  The Drone Racing League is a new league with the first race scheduled for February 22.   A variety of information is available on the website. If you’re interested in the topic of drone racing, then I encourage you to listen to the entire show.  But if you’re pressed for time, here are three take-a-ways from our conversation.

The Difference. The Drone Racing League is a sports, entertainment and technology company.  The company invests heavily in drones, radio frequency technology and production facilities, and it controls these elements.  The League seeks out iconic racing locations that will challenge the pilots and provide visual and entertainment value to viewers.  The races are filmed in 4K video with great attention to the set design and camera angles that create amazing video content.  The access to technology, venues and scale of the events sets the Drone Racing League apart from other racing formats.

A New Way To Experience Sports Entertainment. The Drone Racing League will produce a variety of content for the web.  Viewers will be able to watch the entire race or drill down to specific elements.  Maybe they’re interested in learning about the pilots, course design, the drones, or other topics.  This format enables viewers to zero in on the sports segments that most interest them whenever they want.  The goal is to make drone racing real for viewers.

An Extension of E-Sports.  Many of the Drone Racing League’s pilots came from E-Sports and drone racing is favorably compared to and inspired by E-Sports. Many of the skills from E-Sports are directly transferable to drone racing.  The comparisons don’t stop there, as E-sports could provide a roadmap for a successful business model for drone racing.

The full interview can be found here:

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