Can a drone help build a better solar roof?

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“When we can show to customers the benefit of having a clear picture of what’s taking place on their roofs, in a way where nobody else is doing that, and we can show them that we catch things, it sets us apart where the homeowner wants that now, because the other guy isn’t going tell them what’s on the roof and homeowners aren’t going to get on a dangerous roof.”

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This Week’s Key Question

“Can a drone help to build a better solar roof?”

This Week’s Guests

Sinuhe Montoya is CEO and founder of Drone Quote, a web-based solar roofing company.  Drone Quote works with drone pilots throughout the country to provide easy and precise estimates of solar roof installation projects.  After the solar installation is complete, the pilots conduct a final inspection flight to verify the quality of the work performed.  The company’s unique approach is driving solar adoption and it illustrates just one more innovative way that drones are providing real value.  

What We Learn

Sinuhe talks about Drone Quote, the use of drones to promote solar and how he built a successful drone based business.  

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