Vitaly Munirov

“We talked with one guy in the north of Russia. And he so believed in the idea. He said, okay guys, come to my airport. I can give you all the approvals. Just come to my airport, please.”

-- Vitaly Munirov

This Week’s Key Question

“Can a drone help to speed up the flight check of landing systems at airports?”

This Week’s Guests

Vitaly Munirov is CEO of Cursir, a Russian based company that produces innovative drone-based solutions for flight inspection of navigation and landing systems at airports. The company uses UAVs to calibrate, check and configure navigation aids at Russian airports resulting in huge cost savings to air traffic management organizations.  Cursir was founded in 2015 as a spin-off project of Russian landing and navigation systems manufacturer RTS Union.  Vitaly has 14 years of experience in the aviation industry.  Prior to leading Cursir, Vitaly spent several years as the chief of the research and development department.

What We Learn

Vitaly talks about Cursir, its innovative flight inspection system and how it will transform air management operations. Joining Vitaly will be Lena Nimchenko and Aleksandr Shushkov, both part of the Cursir team.

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