Desmond Wheatley

“The UAV Arc’s job is to recharge drones en route.Recognizing that drones have two limitations, which are practically the same, the range and payload.  If you can charge drones en route, you can essentially extend their range indefinitely.”

– Desmond Wheatley

HIs Week’s Key Question

“Can clean energy power our drones?

This Week’s Guests

Desmond Wheatley is CEO of BEAM Global, a CleanTech leader that produces innovative, sustainable technology for electric vehicle charging, outdoor media, and energy security.  It does this without the construction, disruption, risks and costs of grid-tied solutions.  Desmond joined BEAM as a consultant in 2010 when it was Envision Solar, and has served as the Company’s CEO since 2011 and as Chairman of the Board since 2016. He has two decades of senior international management experience in technology systems integration, energy management, communications and renewable energy.  Desmond has founded, funded and operated four profitable start-up companies and was previously engaged in M&A activities.

In 2020, Beam announced the development of the UAV Arc, the first solar-powered, drone recharging network, which provides en route charging for unmanned aerial vehicles.  The ability to recharge on a network of UAV ARC™ products deployed on rooftops, undeveloped regions or at sea should dramatically increase the potential range and utility of UAVs. Each UAV ARC™ unit generates and stores all its power from renewable sources so drones will receive clean renewable electricity with no cost-per-unit of energy. The units are completely independent from the power grid, allowing them to provide charging during grid outages and in remote locations.

What We Learn

Desmond talks about Beam Global, its patented CleanTech Solutions and how the UAV ARC is poised to support the drone delivery industry.

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