Peter Fuchs

“It’s more compact, it’s more rugged and it flies faster,  farther, longer,  and carries more than a comparable multirotor system. And that’s inherent to the coaxial design systems.”

Peter Fuchs

THis Week’s Key Question

“Can A Coaxial Drone Deliver Exceptional Service and Performance?”

This Week’s Guests

Peter Fuchs is CEO and co-founder of Ascent AeroSystems.  Ascent AeroSystems designs and manufactures unique “coaxial” drones that are more portable and durable than conventional multi-rotors. Its rugged cylinder-shaped vehicles scale to any size and are ideal for industrial, public safety and military markets where mission-critical operations in tough environments are the norm.   A life-long enthusiast of anything related to aviation, Peter began his career as a professional pilot, and since leaving the flightdeck his experience includes roles in finance, operations, management consulting, mergers and acquisitions and corporate strategy.

What We Learn

In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Peter talks about Ascent AeroSystems, the company’s new Spirit Arrow coaxial drone, and how it offers an alternative to mission critical UAS applications. 

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