Could your UAS company benefit from a strategic alliance?


ultravanceSteven Smith is President of Ultravance Corporation, a company that works with select UAS manufacturers and end-users helping them land new customers. He has played a pivotal role introducing 3D printing, 3D LCDs, and has worked for years with UAVs. Steve was the top sales engineer at four companies and has extensive experience working in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. And that’s only part of his extensive technology experience.  Recently Steve partnered with Mike Pick, CEO of the start-up SkyFallX to develop strategic partnerships to move the new company forward.

On this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Steve talks about his background in technology and the UAV industry and his role with SkyFallX as a strategic partner. He also talks about seeking other strategic partnerships to advance the company’s mission. If you have a background in business or technology and interested in working with UAS companies and developing strategic partnerships, then Steve’s insights should be very valuable.

In This Episode

  • [02:04] Meet Steve Smith, of Ultravance Corporation. Ultravance helps UAV companies broaden their market and find strategic partners.
  • [04:43] Steve talks about how he met and partnered with Mike Pick of SkyFallX, a start up company that makes an autonomous parachute system for drones. In this segment, Steve talks about where SkyFallX is today, the type of drones best suited to the parachute system and the potential user market.
  • [11:07] Strategic Partners.  Steve discusses the efforts and challenges to secure strategic partners.
  • [15:54] Technology Background. Steve discusses his background in the evolution of 3-D printing and the growth of that industry.
  • [22:17] Parallels to the Drone Industry. Steve talks about the parallels of the emerging drone industry to what he has seen in the technology industry.
  • [23:36] “Bullet Proof Salesman”. Steve wrote a best seller on successful sales strategies.  Steve talks about the book and what readers would get out of reading it.
  • [27:22] Future Opportunities. Autonomous flight provides some new opportunities for companies to innovate and grow.
  • [30:45] Closing

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