Here are the top ten most downloaded Drone Radio Show podcasts of 2015.  Like the drone industry itself, the stories told in these podcasts are diverse, but there is a distinctive slant towards the business side of using drones.  Two of the top three podcasts focus on photography.  They are also occupied by the only women on this year’s list.  Thanks for downloading and listening to these stories.  I hope to bring many more stories of people using drones for business, fun and research in 2016.

renee-lusano-sq201 The Art Of The Drone Selfie

Renee Lusano, Photgrapher

Renee Lusano is a freelance illustrator and designer from San Francisco who now lives in Los Angeles. In 2015, she was featured in an article as the “girl who travels the world snapping up breathtaking selfies with a drone”. In this episode, Renee shares her passion for travel, photography and, of course, her quest to create epic drone selfies.
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Justin-Quigley02 Creating A Drone Based Business

Justin Quigley, Birdseye Productions

Justin Quigley is owner of Birdseye Productions in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  In this episode, Justin describes how he was inspired to create a new business, the steps he took to get it off the ground and some of the things that make starting a drone based business unique.
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Rubinweb03 Through The Eye Of The Drone

Laurie Rubin, Photographer

Laurie Rubin is an international award-winning photographer specializing in nature and aerial photography. Laurie won 1st place in the Windland Smith Rice International Awards with her image displayed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. In this episode, Laurie talks about her experience and provides insights into taking great aerial and traditional photograps.
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Victor-Villegas04 Drone Safety And Education In A Song

Victor Villegas, The Drone Singer

Victor Villegas is a technologist at heart who enjoys helping people learn how to use technology to improve work and better their lives. He’s also the Drone Singer, where he draws upon his love of drones, education and music to make song parodies that promote the message of flying safe. In this episode, Victor shares some of his songs and talks about the inspiration and message behind his passion.
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jorvig05 Marketing for Drone Based Businesses

Brian Jorvig, Launchboxx

Brian Jorvig is Marketing Director for Launchboxx, the first full-service advertising and marketing team specializing in the drone industry.  In this episode, Brian talks about Launchboxx and the marketing services it provides to new drone start-up companies, as well as established companies seeking to add drone based services.
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muehler06 Flying Drones Smarter and Safer

Shawn Mueller, Botlink

Shawn Muehler is COO of Botlink, a company specializing in UAV software and hardware that allows users to control their drones and process data over the cellular network.  In this episode, Schown talks about Botlink, how their produces can make you a better drone pilot and improve your company’s productivity, and he shares his experience of creating a dynamic new company in North Dakota’s emerging drone industry.
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measure07 ROI of Drones for Service

Jesse Stempler & Dave Bowen, Measure

Jesse Stepler is Director at Measure and Dave Bowen is a Senior Analyst also at Measure.  Measure has developed a ROI tool that enables users to assess a drone’s return on investment for their company. Measure is the first national drone service operator and targets the fortune 1000 companies and large operations in the U.S.  In this episode, Jesse and Dave discuss how Measure is helping to generate positive ROI for their clients.

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Bopps08 Go North (Dakota) – New Land of Drone Opportunity

Brian Opp, ND Dept of Commerce

Brian Opp is the UAS and Aerospace Business Development Manager for the North Dakota Department of Commerce. Among his many responsibilities is leading North Dakota’s efforts to attract, develop and expand the state’s fast growing drone industry. In this episone, Brian discusses how North Dakota has become THE place for drone businesses, enthusiasts and opportunity.
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refsland09 The Business of FPV Drone Racing

Scot Refsland, Flying Grounds

Scot Refsland is the Founder and CEO of Flying Grounds, a new company focused on the intersection of Drone Sport and STEM Education. In 2015, he organized the U.S. National Drone Racing Chapionships and in 2016, he will present the first international drone competition, Drone Worlds.  In this episode, Scot talks about the business of drone racing, the challenges of growing a new sport, the role of FPV racing in STEM education and the plans for the 2016 Drone Worlds.
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Alan Perlman, UAV Coach10 Gaining Confidence With Drones

Alan Perlman, UAV Coach

Alan Perlman is a drone hobbyist and marketing consultant who runs UAV Coach, a website that helps to push the drone community forward with educational and inspirational content and training. In this episode, Alan talks about his products and services, the UAV Coach community and how the UAV Coach helps people reach their goals and develop more confidence with drones.
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