Are you wondering how rising demand for drones is changing the face of retailing?  Today’s guest is Dr. Tim McGuiness, of Drone Cyclone, an online retailer of emerging consumer technologies, including drones, 3-D printers and robotics.  Tim has more than 30 years of experience in the on-line retail business.  He was a co-founder of Tiger Direct, inventor of the Atari personal computer and has been flying drones for 7 years.  He’s now turning his attention to making Drone Cyclone the dominant drone retailer in the world.

In This Episode:

  • (01:34) Overview of Drone Cyclone, an on-line retail business.
  • (03:15) The origin of Drone Cyclone and the link to Tiger Direct and Atari.
  • (05:07) Company guiding principle.
  • (05:50) Why inherent shortcomings in the drone market favor Drone Cyclone’s approach to retailing.
  • (08:06) Why selling a drone is different from selling other technology, like computers, and why you need a retailer that knows the difference.
  • (11:00) Innovative drone applications that are driving the industry.
  • (14:30) Learn about the tools that Drone Cyclone is developing to help customers find the right drone for their particular need.
  • (17:25) Commitment to customer service.  Learn about a special offer to help you find a lost drone, only available at Drone Cyclone.
  • (21:00) The role of on-line resources and social media pages in supporting customer satisfaction.
  • (22:27) The future of Drone Cyclone in the expanding drone and emerging technology industry.