Lorenz Meier

“We’re enabling our customers to install onboard applications that are vertical specific. As such, computing on the edge and AI on the edge will become more important. So if you ask me, what’s the next important, big thing?  That’s being able to deploy software onto the drone and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Lorenz Meier

This Week’s Key Question

“If we had 10 minutes to spend with Auterion’s CEO, what would we learn?”

This Week’s Guests

From the floor of the AUVSI Xponential drone conference in Orlando, Florida, I speak with Lorenz Meier, CEO of Auterion.  Auterion is the premier end-to-end operating system for commercial drones, based on open-standards, flexibility and choice.  As many of you know, in 2008 Lorenz created and released the PX4 autonomous drone autopilot to the open source community. He is also the creator of Pixhawk, MAVLink and QGroundControl, today’s most commonly used flight control hardware and autopilot software.  Today, Auterion is the leader in open source operating systems.  

What We Learn

Lorenz talks about the Auterion ecosystem and the opportunities in the drone industry. 

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