On this first edition of “Stories of the Drone”, we hear from Jason Reagan, a communications professional with 18 years of combined experience in communications, news, marketing and information technology. Jason is a blogger and a self-proclaimed “geek evangelist” in the area of emerging tech and science. Jason works as a corporate communications director for a company in Boone, North Carolina and he’s a regular contributor to on-line magazine, Drone Life.  On this show, Jason talks about recent stories on drones and law enforcement, conservation, the drone deterrence industry, FAA enforcement and humanitarian use.

In This Episode

  • [01:43] Meet Jason Reagan.  Jason Reagan is a corporate communications director and a regular contributor to Drone Life, the online magazine about drones.
  • [02:34] Drone Life. Jason shares how he started working with Drone Life and some of the stories that he covered over the past two years.
  • [06:49] Stories Of The Drone. Jason shares his insights into the following stories that he covered.
    • [06:54]  Law Enforcement – One of Jason’s areas of focus has been the use of drones in law enforcement.  In this segment, he shares some of his stories on how some agencies are using drones for security, monitoring and search and rescue.
    • [12:06]  Start Ups and Entrepreneurs – Jason also covered stories on entrepreneurs starting new drone companies or developing new innovative technologies.
    • [13:31] Anti Drone Industry – Jason discusses some of the stories and the companies involved in the anti-drone sector.
    • [19:46] FAA Enforcement – Earlier this year, Jason covered the story of an individual that placed a gun and flame thrower on a drone.  We discuss the enforcement challenges that the FAA faces, especially in light of Part 107 which will open the way for more drone pilots.
    • [22:54] Conservation – Jason and I talk about the rise in the use of drones for conservation.  He shares a recent story that he covered on the “Snot Bot” a drone that’s used to collect DNA samples from whales for research.
    • [28:39] Medical Supply Deliveries – Another major story in the past year has been the use of drones to deliver medical supplies (and most notably, organs) and other humanitarian uses.
  • [32:31] Lessons.  Jason discusses the lessons he’s learned covering the drone industry.
  • [40:11] Closing

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