Now that you’ve decided to start a drone business, you need to make sure you have the proper credentials, tax ID number, business license, insurance and everything else you need to establish your business presence.  You also want to develop a business plan that identifies your target market, start up and operating costs and strategy for building your business.  These Drone Radio Show podcast interviews will provide some insights.


Creating a Drone Based Business – Justin Quigley, Birdseye Production, SD

Justin Quigley, owner of Birdseye Productions describes how he was inspired to create a new business, the steps he took to get it off the ground and some of the things that make starting a drone based business unique.

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A Drone Based Business That Lasts – Wendell Adkins, Perfect Perspectives

Wendell Adkins, founder of Perfect Perspectives, talks about his UAV video & infrastructure inspection divisions, the lessons learned over the past 11 years, and how we can build and sustain a successful drone based business.

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Legal Issues for Commercial Drone Use – Phil Stiles

Phil Stiles, an attorney specializing in drone law and the co-founder, President and General Counsel of an FAA approved drone company named SkyViewHD, talks about the legal issues that commercial drone operators should consider

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All About Drone Insurance – Grant Goldsmith, Overwatch

Grant Goldsmith, President of Overwatch, talks about the insurance industry, the benefits of drone insurance and why commercial operators might want to think about adding coverage to protect their business.

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