Damian Kysely

It will be nothing like what you experience at airports today, where it generally takes up to two hours to go through an airport.  Vertiports will be designed such that the passenger doesn’t spend more than 15, maybe 20 minutes, maximum at the vertiport. It’s the whole premise of this industries – to save time.

- Damian Kysely


“Where will future advanced aerial mobility vehicles take off and land?”


Damian Kysely is Head of EMEA at Skyports.  Skyports designs, builds, owns, and operates networks of vertiports.  Vertiports are the dedicated ground infrastructure that help realize advance air mobility. Advanced Air Mobility is becoming a fast growing area of interest in the unmanned industry.  With the advent of electrical vertical take off and landing aircraft, one can imagine small aerial vehicles providing another mobility option for many communities.  But where will these vehicles land and take off?  And what will they look like, how with the operate and mesh with other mobility options. 

This is where Skyports excels.  The Company is the world’s leading vertiport provider and operator, enabling safe and efficient urban air transport in major markets around the globe. 

At Skyports, Damian is responsible for developing and implementing a global infrastructure strategy by working with real estate partners, city authorities, regulators and passenger vehicle manufacturers.  Prior to joining Skyports, Damian co-founded and ran Skyscape Technologies, a UK government-backed data analytics start-up identifying disused rooftop potential. He is also a Founding Partner at The Aviary Project, a collaborative platform and community for the Aerial Mobility industry.  He was also part of transport technology consultancy in London and managed an early stage start-up accelerator programme in Manchester.


Damian talks about Skyports, vertiport design and function, and he provides an overview of the company’s current projects in Singapore, Japan, Florida and Europe.