droncycloneAn expected surge in demand for drones is creating an opportunity for a new kind of retailer.  According to Tim McGuinness, CEO and founder of Drone Cyclone, an online technology retailer, the opportunity stems from three inherent challenges in the marketplace.    Today, customers typically have the following choices when it comes to buying drones.

  • Local Hobby Shops – These retailers provide excellent service and have great knowledge of the technology, but they are set up to serve huge demands, and they are not easily scalable.
  • Legacy Electronic Companies – These outlets provide an option, but in general, this sub-industry has been in decline for years and will continue to do so. In addition, the employees at these outlets do not have the expertise in drones to respond to the multitude of consumer questions.
  • Larger Nationwide Dedicated Drone Stores – These retailers have grown in recent years and have done a good job at servicing demand for drones, but typically, these outlets are centered around one major drone manufacturer. As a result, the customer is not getting the benefits of learning about other drones and drone applications.

McGuinness created Drone Cyclone to meet the expected surge in demand for drones and to provide customers with information to make a valued decision on a wide range of drone technologies to ensure they’re getting exactly what they need.

Drone Cyclone’s online retail model represents a new, forward thinking approach to drone retailing, but McGuinness and his team have the experience to pull it off.  McGuinness was one of the founders of Tiger Direct, the national electronics outlet, so as Tim describes, “we know a thing or two about creating a large scale E-commerce corporation.”

Here’s the full interview with Tim McGuinness:

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