Iain Kerr

THis Week’s Key Question

“How far are we from seeing truly autonomous drone operations?”

This Week’s Guests

Richard Parker is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Altitude Angel, the world’s leading UTM and U-Space technology provider, delivering solutions enabling the safe integration of drones into airspace.  His diverse experience across a range of verticals, coupled with a strong background in software design, technology and cybersecurity ensures Altitude Angel continues to drive innovation in the emerging UTM sector.

What We Learn

Richard talks about Altitude Angel, the Arrow Drone Zone, and how it will help to safely scale autonomous drone flights.

In This Episode

  • Introduction. Altitude Angel’s platform provides data and services to established airspace management organizations as well as drone manufacturers and software developers.  Its solutions are accelerating the realization of both the social and economic values which drones bring. In 2020, the company was authorized to create the world’s first commercial ‘super-highway’ drone corridor in open and unrestricted airspace. The corridor will support fully automated drone flights beyond visual line-of-sight from any drone company. 

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