measureTopTenHave you ever wondered if it’s possible to estimate the return on investment in contracting for drone services?

We hear it all the time, that drones will improve efficiency, cut costs and make our lives better. But with so many different drone solutions out there, how do we know which drone, application or service will provide the best financial advantage. Fortunately, there’s a company that approaches drone for service from a value standpoint. The company is appropriately called, Measure, and it has developed a ROI tool that enables users to assess a drone’s return on investment for their company. Measure is striving to be the first national drone service operator and is targeting the fortune 1000 companies and large operations in the U.S.

My guests today are Jesse Stepler, Director at Measure and Dave Bowen, Senior Analyst also of Measure. They’re here to talk about Measure and how it’s helping to generate positive ROI for their clients.

Show Outline

  • [02:06] What is Measure
  • [03:04] Origin of the company
  • [03:42] Distinguishing Measure from other companies
  • [04:22] Measure’s turn-key services
  • [04:50] ROI – Measure’s added value
  • [07:09] How Measure provides drone for service
  • [07:55] Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructure and Public Safety – Measure’s targeted industries
  • [08:30] ROI – how it works in the Agricultural industry
  • [10:08] Value to small farm organizations
  • [12:29] Search and rescue / Disaster assistance opportunities
  • [14:32] Energy Field – opportunities and constraints
  • [15:26] Infrastructure inspection – a killer app?
  • [16:01] Regulatory Implications – what has to happen to propel these use cases forward?
  • [17:44] Measure’s value to their customers
  • [18:04] Closing

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A Measure drone hovers during a test.


Measure staff compiling data that was used in an ROW study American Red Cross.

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