Jeffrey Starr

“It was quite a large event. There were 60,000 worshipers there, 90 Bishops and 500 priests. And of course, the Pope. Our system was deployed throughout his visit in the VIP use case, a sort of moving bubble of protection. And then, the system itself was also deployed on the ground level tactical way to provide a full coverage and protection for the Mass.”

-- Jeffrey Starr

This Week’s Key Question

“How is it possible to stop a rogue drone when there are crowds of people nearby?”

This Week’s Guests

Jeffrey Starr is Chief Marketing Officer at D-Fend Solutions.  D-Fend Solutions is a technology company that supports the growth of safe and secure drone adoption with innovative solutions that defend against rogue drone threats.  The company’s  EnforceAir system has protected some of the world’s most important leaders, gatherings and organizations from the threat of rogue drones, including the G7 Summit and championship sporting events with tens of thousands of fans in attendance.  This non-jamming, non-kinetic solution has been selected as a best-in-class radio frequency (RF), cyber-takeover system.  In September 2021, a rogue drone appeared over a large public Mass led by Pope Francis in Slovakia.  The threat was neutralized by EnforceAir without any disruption.  Jeffery brings a track record of generating revenue and building market leadership through visionary business strategies.  Prior to joining D-Fend Solutions, Jeffrey served as CMO and in executive roles at AlgoSec, Cellebrite, Verisk 3E, Magic Software Enterprises and Amdocs. Jeffrey also served as General Partner at Mission Ventures VC fund and as an Analyst at Booz Allen.

What We Learn

Jeffrey talks about D-Fend Solutions, the company’s innovative EnforceAir drone detection and mitigation system and how it successfully and safely neutralized a drone threat to Pope Francis in 2021. 

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