Robin Kellermann

“Most people simply don’t believe that delivery drones would provide any advantages for everyday life. And transport drones were considered less useful than delivery drones. And once a technology or a product is not considered useful, it’s very unlikely that people would accept it or would create an intention to use the technology.”

Robin Kellerman

THis Week’s Key Question

“Will People Accept Drones to Transport Cargo or Passengers?”

This Week’s Guests

Dr. Robin Kellermann is the coordinator for Sky Limits, a 2-year project, sponsored by the Technical University of Berlin and the Wissenchaft Im Dialog. The project is short for The Sky is the Limits, and considers the opportunities and challenges that come with opening up urban airspaces to cargo and passenger transport by new technologies such as drones.

Robin has a PhD and lectures at the Technical University Berlin working in the fields of transport and mobility research with a focus on sociotechnical and cultural historical perspectives. He has a background in cultural studies and historical urban studies. He has collaborated in a series of European and domestic research projects ranging from public acceptance of digital technologies in public transportation to long-term scenario developments for the European transport industries. Sky Limits recently completed survey of German resident’s views on allowing drones to transport packages, cargo and people.  While the survey paints a picture of German attitudes towards drones in the air space, it can provide valuable insights into people’s potential views worldwide.

What We Learn

Robin Kellermann, PhD. talks about the Sky Limits project, the survey of public attitudes on transport drones, and he provides insights into people’s level of acceptance of drones into the airspace.

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