Timothy Bean

“Every second, every day, 24 seven, nonstop that sensor is making those judgements and improving its capability at every location across the world where we’re deployed.  We push those data sets and that learning to all the other sensors. So it just gets better and better at discerning drones versus birds versus other things that are in the airspace.”

Timothy Bean

THis Week’s Key Question

“Is it possible to stop a rogue drone in its tracks?”

This Week’s Guests

Timothy Bean is CEO of Fortem Technologies, a world leader in AI-enabled airspace security and safety. Most notably, the company excels in real-time intrusion detection. Through an advanced, end to end system of distributed radar, AI at the Edge, deep sensor integration, and autonomous drone capture, Fortem monitors and defends the world’s venues, infrastructures, cities, and regions. The same system is accelerating the safety of the world’s airspace for urban air mobility.

Tim has more than 25 years of global executive experience successfully building businesses and technology startups in Silicon Valley.  He currently oversees the strategy for Fortem Technologies, and handles everything from product creation, through sales, to customer support. Before founding Fortem Techologies in 2016, Tim provided strategic oversight for all programs and services with global reseller partners in Japan and throughout the world.  He has a vast array of knowledge in sales and engineering, with specific expertise in cyber-defense and mission-critical infrastructure applications.

What We Learn

Tim talks about Fortem Technologies and its suite of products and services designed to make the skies safer from rogue drones.  He also discusses the current challenges in delivering such services and the outlook for the future.

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