Steven Flynn

“A lot of them are flying VLOS. And what they’re doing is they have safetyspotters at the launch site and at the landing site, everywhere they go. So they’re stopping people on the side-walks, they’re stopping cars, they’re making sure it’s safe to deliver, but  you can’t just remove the safety  spotters and have drones dropping  in small spaces where a child could  knock the drone out of the sky with a football. That’s what I’m talking  about. How is that business model  really going to work?”

Steven Flynn

This Week’s Key Question

“How will we maintain accountability for package delivery when BVLOS operations begin?”

This Week’s Guests

Steven Flynn is Founder and CEO of SkyTango, a global drone services company located in Dublin, Ireland.  Steve is an Emmy Award winning Filmmaker, Director of Photography, Editor and a drone pilot since 2013.  In 2019, he led Ireland’s first BVLOS Diabetes Drone delivery of Insulin to AN island community.  He recently finished a 9-month stint at Wingcopter, working as a Senior Business Developer.  He has also led teams to achieve new milestones in the Beyond Visual Line of Sight arena.  His experience with BVLOS drone delivery led to looking at how best to manage and track packages to ensure an accurate, smooth and safe delivery to the customer.  According to Steven, improving accountability in the workflow is key to protecting and growing the commerce of the drone industry.

What We Learn

Steven talks about SkyTango, the drone delivery business and how maintaining accountability in the package delivery workflow is paramount to the long term profitability of  BVLOS drone delivery.

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