Pharns Genece

“In the U S and Europe, and in many parts of the globe, critical grid management teams being kind of locked away in, in cocooning for a month, at a time away from their families, whatever, because at this time, 12 months ago, we weren’t sure where the signal was headed.”

Kevin O'Donovan

This Week’s Key Question

“How have power companies used drones during Covid-19?”

This Week’s Guests

Kevin O’Donovan is founder of the boutique technology consultant company, A Bit of This & That …  The company is focused on the intersection of technology and the Energy Industry, delivering innovative technology consultations, sales advisory, speaker & B2B Influencer services.  Being a bit of a storyteller, Kevin has been evangelizing how new technologies can transform the way we do things throughout his career. Kevin has a proven track record of ‘bridging the gap’ between the capabilities a new technology can bring and the practicalities of bringing that technology to market.  He has held senior leadership Technical Sales & Sales Management roles at Compaq, HP and most recently at Intel, where he was Intel’s Worldwide Sales Director for the Energy Industry. 

What We Learn

Kevin talks about power companies have used drones during the Covid-19 pandemic to maintain operations and more importantly keep the lights for all of us.

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