Pharns Genece

“It was in your face.  I mean, it was no doubt about the return on investment.  Companies are doing things like flare stack inspections where you didn’t have to shut down an entire refinery and you can save a hundred thousand or millions of dollars each time you conducted these inspections.  Because you didn’t have to short down the whole facility or parts of it as you inspect.”

Michael Blades

This Week’s Key Question

“What’s trends are driving the Drone Industry in 2021?”

This Week’s Guests

Michael Blades is Vice President of Aerospace, Defense and Security Americas Region for Frost and Sullivan.  Based in San Antonio, Frost and Sullivan provides a comprehensive range of research services and state-of-the-art analytical tools to enable decision-makers to use marketing information in more innovative and meaningful ways.  Michael is an experienced military aviator with expertise in world-wide aerospace operations. He is an expert in researching and analyzing the military, civil, and commercial unmanned systems ecosystems as well as markets related to defense training and simulation programs and technologies.

What We Learn

Michael talks about some of the current trends in the drone industry.  This is the second of two interviews with Michael on the drone industry. Today we cover drone delivery, urban air mobility, key trends to look for and a couple of surprises in the drone industry.

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