Achal Negi

This Week’s Key Question

“Where can you go to get the latest on UAS autonomous operations?”

This Week’s Guests

Achal Negi is Head of Business Development for Flytbase

What We Learn

On February 22nd, Flytbase will present NestGen, the first, all on-line summit on drone automation.  The event will bring together leaders in the UAS automation sector to share experiences and technologies. In recent years, modular and autonomous drone-in-a-box systems have displayed a highly disruptive potential in increasing the quality and efficiency of aerial data, acquisition and management. However, as they are still a nascent and niche technology, there has been little emphasis on growing and supporting those that are involved in creating such systems. Navigating the rich and diverse ecosystem of the drone automation market is a daunting, but necessary, task. For all drone based businesses to encourage global collaboration in forging a platform for these businesses, Flytbase created the NextGen Summit.

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