Can We Really Have an Impact?

David Rovira, Drone AdventuresDavid Rovira is the Regional Manager SensFly, a drone manufacture and services company based in Switzerland.  He is also the director of Drone Adventures, a non-profit organization comprised of SenseFly employees who banded to make a difference.  Their goal is to demonstrate and promote the great potential of drones to protect our planet and support local communities. On this episode of the Drone Radio Show, David talks about Drone Adventures, how it was formed, some of the missions that have been undertaken and how a group of like-minded employees are using their passion for drones to make a difference in the lives of people and communities across the globe.

In This Episode

  • Introduction. David Rovira is the Director of Drone Adventures, a non-profit organization comprised of SenseFly employees who banded to make a difference.
  • Drone Adventures. Drone Adventures was started by employees of SenseFly, a manufacturer of drones and applications. David talks about how a proof of concept project to map the Matterhorn turned into the formation of an employee-based non-profit organization.
  • Missions. Drone Adventures has conducted more than 20 missions around the world. David talks about one project in Tanzania, where Drone Adventures was asked by the World Bank to map a flood plain and identify vulnerable properties. Drone Adventures sent a team of four to Tanzania to map the area and to train local residents in operating a drone. The project not only led to better information on floodplain conditions, it emparted new skills and business opportunities for some local individuals.
  • Lessons Learned. David talks about some of the lessons learned through the missions.
  • Selecting a Mission. Drone Adventures has a very flat hierarchy, where everyone has a similar role. Missions are selected by individuals who have an interest. Employees use part of their vacation time to conduct the mission. While on site, they get an opportunity to fly drones and process data. Missions are typically 1-2 weeks and are always based on demonstrating the capability of drones to solve a local problem.  Drone Adventures does not consider itself a drones for service company.
  • About David Rovira. David’s background is in the financial side, and he joined SenseFly as part of the sales team. Shortly after joining SenseFly, he became part of Drone Adventures. He was aware of Drone Adventures before joining SenseFly and liked the idea of being able to do something other than just working for a company.  He wanted to make a difference and embarked on his first mission to Tanzania.  He became director of Drone Adventures, when Adam Klaptocz left the organization to join WeRobotics.
  • Motivation. David shares the underlying reason for Drone Adventure’s existence and success. Generally people enjoy their jobs, but for some, they want to know that what they are doing, actually makes a difference in the world or in other people’s lives. Drone Adventures fills that niche and gives SenseFly employees an opportunity to apply their skills and technology to help others. As David explains, there’s nothing quite like hearing someone return from a mission describing what they learned and experienced.
  • Closing. 

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