Alex Taits

“By 2027, the emergency medical drone industry market is going to be worth nearly $1 Billion.  My system in order of magnitude better performs, is fully reusable, much faster, has more range, more payload and more speed.  Clearly, my product can dominate a very large portion of this market.”

Alex Taits

HIs Week’s Key Question

“Is a jet powered drone the future of medical supply delivery?

This Week’s Guests

Alexander Taits is CEO & Founder of Fusion Flight, a manufacturer of the Jet Quad, the world’s smallest and most powerful jet-powered drone with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. It is like an unmanned, scaled-down version of the Harrier Jump-Jet. With its high speed capability, the company aims to be the leader of autonomous UAV medical delivery.  

Alex begun his career in Mechanical Engineering performing structural analysis for rocket engine and nuclear reactor components. He holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from USC and is self-taught in the areas of Control Systems, Software, and Electrical Engineering. Over the years, he has worked in a diverse set of industries including military jet propulsion, semiconductors, robotics and micro-satellites.  

What We Learn

Alex talks about Fusion Flight, the company’s Jet Quad and how the jet powered drone will revolutionize the medical delivery industry. 

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