Michael Hill

“This is something that’s going to revolutionize our transportation industry. We realized that we need this to ease city traffic jams. Urban air mobility is one of the most effective aviation systems for cargo transportation, air people, transportation it’ll streamline and modernize the future for passenger and drone cargoes flights.”

-- Michael Hill

This Week’s Key Question

“How is Texas Advancing Urban Air Mobility?”

This Week’s Guest

Michael Hill is CEO and Founder of Cumulus Technologies, a drone technology company based in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.  Michael is one of the top subject matter experts in the areas of Advanced Air Mobility and their integration on the land, in the air and at sea. He is a Part 107 Pilot with over 1,980 hours of flight time, a consultant helping companies use Drones and Ai to create safer, more efficient working environments and has helped NASA and the FAA develop Unmanned Traffic Management protocols for our National Airspace. In 2021, the Texas Legislature passed SB 763 – which established a new committee charged with identifying potential changes in state regulations  needed to facilitate the development of Urban Air Mobility operations and infrastructure in Texas.  The committee must report its finding and recommendations Texas Transportation Commission and legislature by Sept. 1, 2022.  Michael is a member of the Texas Urban Air Mobility Advisory Committee and has been working with other committee members, industry leaders and the Texas legislature in implementing SB 763.

What We Learn

Michael talks about SB 763 and the Texas Urban Air Mobility Advisory Committee, the efforts by the State of Texas and the North Central Texas Council of Governments to promote urban air mobility, and how Texas is positioning itself to be a leader in advance air mobility systems. 

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