What does it mean now that Intel has entered the drone industry?

Anil Nanduri at Interdrone 2016

anil-nanduriAnil Nanduri is VP in the New Technology Group and General Manager of the UAV segment at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for establishing Intel’s unmanned aviation systems business and pursuing opportunities for growth in this segment. This group has been developing innovative new applications for drone technology. In this episode, Anil talks about Intel’s entry into the drone industry, some products and technologies that Intel is working on and offers his thoughts on where the industry is headed

In This Episode

Anil describes Intel’s entry into the drone industry as a natural step out of the work to develop Intel’s Real Sense technology. Real Sense features standard 2d cameras along with infrared cameras that can see the distance between objects. The cameras also can separate objects from the background allowing for improved object, facial and gesture recognition. Real sense gives the drone a real sense and avoid capability.

Anil also shares some background into Intel’s Aero Platform and the Falcon 8 Drone. The Aero Platform is an open source platform that allows developers to create their own vision capable applications. The Falcon 8 Drone uses Real Sense and is specifically designed for infrastructure inspections.

In addition to these applications, Intel is leading the research on controlling multiple drones at one time. Intel’s 100 Drones Project, an demonstration of how multiple drones can be synced and controlled, has been a huge hit and represents a leap forward in creating huge efficiencies.

Anil also shares his thoughts on the drone industry and the role that Intel can play in its continued evolution.