Desiree Matel-Anderson

“I always believe that, especially when it comes to lives on the line, you’ve got to go with the solution. That’s going to save the most lives. So if it comes down to it, no matter what cool, interesting thing we built, if they need something different in order to save lives, we’re going to go with that innovative solution.”

Desiree Matel-Anderson

))THis Week’s Key Question

“How can we become better innovators in the drone industry?

This Week’s Guests

Desiree Matel-Anderson is Chief Wrangler of Field Innovation Team and CEO of the Global Disaster Innovation Group.  Desi is the first and former Chief Innovation Advisor at FEMA and Think Tank Strategic Vision Coordinator. During her tenure at FEMA, she led the first innovation team down to Hurricane Sandy to provide real-time problem solving in disaster response and recovery and ran think tanks nation-wide to cultivate innovation in communities. Her emergency management experience began when she volunteered in Northern Illinois University’s Office of Emergency Planning. She then worked with the Southeast Wisconsin Urban Area Security Initiative, and the City of Milwaukee Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office. In addition to her regional emergency management duties, she worked as an assessor of the Emergency Management Accreditation Program Assessor nation-wide.  She has since worked on numerous emergency management projects with agencies, communities, organizations and companies. 

What We Learn

Desi talks about the Field Innovation Team and Global Disaster Innovation Group, how drones are used to solve challenging problems in real time situations, her new book, called “Future Survivor”, and how we can become better at creating innovative response to our communities challenges. 

Desi will also be delivering a keynote presentation at Xponential 2020 on October 5-8.   For more information check out

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