Rob Schwartz is owner of Thunderdrones, a drone repair business in Duluth, Georgia. Rob began flying RC airplanes in the early 80’s and expanded into scale RC airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks and  boats, and in 2016, he added drones. He remains active with RC cars and trucks, but his passion is now drones. So much so, that he started buying, selling and repairing drones. Since 2016, he has repaired more than 3,000 drones and is a frequent contributor and mentor on the Mavic Pilots forum when he helps pilots trouble shoot problems.  Rob flies at least 4 times a week, and also test flies customers aircraft,  He’s also a licensed private pilot with instrument training and complex rating. In this edition of the drone radio show, Rob talks about the common repair issues with DJI drones, provides some tips on how to maximize your enjoyment and how he created a successful drone repair business.

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