Dr. Tulinda Larsen is CEO and Founder of Skylark Drone Research, a technology company that empowers Fortune 500 companies with drone analytics, service providers with secure execution of flights and manufacturers with regulatory airspace compliance.  Tulinda has spent more than 40 years in commercial aviation. She’s a private pilot, a Certified Part 107 Remote Pilot and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  Tulinda also serves as an Advisor to Women and Drones.

Skylark Drone Research works with sailing organizations to develop drone programs designed for use of drones in sailing programs. The company worked with the Annapolis Yacht Club to develop policies and procedures for using drones for sailboat race management, coaching, yacht club events, and other applications. 

In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Tulinda talks about how drones are used in sailboat race management and the best practices.  She also shares two new exciting program offerings of Women and Drones, namely a new membership program and job boards for Women and Drone members.

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