William Pryor

“I have to map this area, but I can’t get to it, right? I actually can’t access it either because, it’s unsafe or the road is blocked by a landslide or something like this. And I think, you know, being able to truly map remotely without having to drive all over a site is something that opened up a lot of possibilities for us.”

William Pryor

This Week’s Key Question

“Can drones save the mining industry money?”

This Week’s Guests

William Prior is the Enterprise Applications Manager and technology evangelist at Skycatch, a drone data and analytics firm.  The company provides aerial data capture automation, processing, visualization, and analysis tools. Complete with onboarding, training and support. Many of the world’s largest companies use Skycatch across all of their work sites.  Mining companies use Skycatch to precisely measure how much dirt they’re moving. By reducing the amount of time to capture and process the data, Skycatch clients have realized over $6M in savings for 1 year.

At Skycatch, William works with clients around the world on deploying high-accuracy autonomous mapping systems. Starting with industry experience in oil & gas, William joined Skycatch and developed its early autonomous “drone in a box” solution. Later, he grew Skycatch’s global drone mapping program with Komatsu, and continues to work with customers in construction, mining, and infrastructure to create step-change improvements in safety, efficiency, and accountability. When not mapping with drones, he is an angel investor, and can often be found sailing on San Francisco bay.

What We Learn

In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, William talks about Skycatch, its focus on serving the mining industry and the benefits of using drones, autonomy and machine learning in mining operations.

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