Phil Larsen

If we collect the data and validate these signals, then the people that tune in to these free TV channels in time of need, they’ll have the service.  And we helped in that process.

- Phil Larsen

This Week’s Key Question

“Can Drone help in averting a TV Frequency Famine?”

This Week’s Guest

Phil Larsen is Vice President of the QForce, the Airborne Division of Q communications.  QComm is a professional engineering company that assists TV Stations in converting analog to digital operations, ensuring compliance with transmission regulations governing signal strength and reach.  This is all part of the FCC “Repack” program.  Qforce uses unmanned aerial vehicle technologies to provide efficient, accurate and cost-effective measurement solutions.  As the demand and opportunities for free digital tv services increase, the need for TV broadcasting stations to maintain FCC compliance will grow.  Phil is one of the leading subject matter experts in vertical inpections by way of UAV in an RF environment.  His career includes more than a decade of experience designing solutions and advising the telecommunications industry on the benefits of using UAVs. He previously worked for the DoD, NSA, CIA, Navy and other government agencies globally, and brings with him an exceptional background and understanding of the safe, accurate and overall benefits of UAS technology to the digital broadcast industry.

What We Learn

Phil introduces us to the Airborne Division of Qcomm, why measuring TV broadcast fields is important, and how drones can help TV stations and tower owners maintain FCC compliance efficiently and safely.

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