George Matus

“The Army was the first in our government to put together a solicitation to help start rebuilding the American industrial base for small drones and to allow companies like Teal Drones to build advance technology while also building up our own capabilities, to be able to one day compete at a global scale against someone like a DJI.”

- George Matus

HIs Week’s Key Question

“Can small U.S. drone manufactures compete on the world stage?”

This Week’s Guests

George Matus is CEO and founder of Teal Drones, a U.S. manufacturer of specialty drones for the commercial and military sector.  Based in Salt Lake City, Teal is focused on pioneering new uses for drone systems beyond the “flying camera” applications so often seen in use today. The development of complex air control, data processing and mapping technologies housed in rugged, high-performance drones allows Teal to transform how the military, public safety organizations and commercial enterprises operate.  George started Teal Drones in 2014 when he was only a sophomore in high school.  Today, Teal is making headlines with it’s signature product, the Golden Eagle drone, a secure, intelligent, rugged and high-performance drone system produced to exacting U.S. defense industry standards.

The company found a financial partner in Decathlon Capital earlier this year, a revenue-based financing firm, which provides a funding model that ties a company’s loan payments directly to the amount of revenue they make. The funding agreement comes as the innovative unmanned aerial systems company expands its product line and grows partnerships with the U.S. military and commercial enterprises for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and public safety applications.

What We Learn

George introduces us to Teal Drones, the Golden Eagle Drone and shares how a young high school student is now competing globally in the drone industry. 


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