Susan Kay Smith

“So you have someone coming into pit and meanwhile, you just hear the sound of quads, full throttle, right on the other side of pit row, it was just an incredible atmosphere. And you actually hear drones, I think, in your sleep.”

Susan Kay Smith

THis Week’s Key Question

“Ever wonder if you could be a drone racing pilot?”

This Week’s Guests

Susan Smith is an FPV drone racing pilot from San Diego. She is a member of the Safety Third Racing Club and the team pilot for NewBeeDrone, a company that is dedicated to supporting newcomers to the FPV drone racing world. Susan picked up drone a few years ago, and after a few months of crashing and thrashing, she found her groove and today she is one of the top female drone racing pilots in the world.

What We Learn

Susan shares her story of becoming the best at what she does – racing drones.

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