CerBair - DroneSec

“We are threat intelligence for drones. We track and categorize a whole bunch of incidents that are happening around the world at any point in time. And we collect that from humans, from pilots, reports, social media, dark web – there’s a whole bunch of places that have threat analysts gathering this information. So we’re able to produce information in real time and disseminate to those partners who need it immediately.”

Mike Monnik

This Week’s Key Question

“How are companies responding to UAS threats worldwide?”

This Week’s Guests

Lucas Le Bell is CEO and Co-Founder of Cerbair, a counter company protects sensitive sites and events from dangerous drone activity.  Michael Monnik is a cyber security consultant and founder of DroneSec a drone-security service that provides organizations with life-saving alerts and data on drone threats to their assets.   Drone Sec and Cerbair have signed a partnership through which CERBAIR will provide its customers with weekly information in French, English, and Arabic on developing threats identified by DroneSec.  The DroneSec team comprises analysts including former hackers, military drone pilots and fighter pilots; the company audits, trains and informs its clients on the risks posed by drones to sensitive infrastructure.  The partnership also benefits from ad hoc data sources from “Notify”, the UAV Threat Intelligence database of more than 3,000 incidents classified by severity.  It is an example of how companies are working together to adapt to evolving drone threats worldwide. 

What We Learn

Lucas and Mike talk about their respective companies, the nature of today’s drone threats and their partnership to deliver an enhanced level of counter UAS threat intelligence. 

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