Sanjiv Singh

Whatever reason GPS were completely go away, most UAS aircraft would drift significantly to the point that they would probably have a catastrophic failure.  So what we are trying to do is try to build robust technology such that the aircraft are immune to this kind of degradation or complete loss of GPS.

Sanjiv Singh

HIs Week’s Key Question

“What Happens when the GPS goes Out?”

This Week’s Guests

Sanjiv Singh is CEO of Near Earth Autonomy, a Pittsburg based company that is creating a future where autonomous flight is commonplace and safe.  Near Earth’s technology allows aircraft to autonomously take-off, fly, and land safely, with or without GPS. Their solutions enable aerial mobility and inspection applications for partners in the commercial and defense sectors. Sanjiv leads the technical and business strategy for the company. He brings 25 years of experience in autonomous ground and air vehicles operating in extreme environments. Key area of his expertise are in perception and planning for air and ground vehicles. In addition, he specializes in the coordination of human and robotic teams. Sanjiv obtained his PhD in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University in 1995 and has since been on the faculty at the Robotics Institute. Sanjiv is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Field Robotics. Near Earth is his third commercial venture.

What We Learn

Sanjiv talks about Near Earth Autonomy, the company’s ground breaking technology and the future of robotic flight.

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