Are you looking to find your fortune in the Drone Industry?

Then you’re going to want to hear what today’s guest has to say. Allen Beach has over 20 years’ experience in starting and running successful businesses. He is a military veteran and served in the US Coast Guard, flying hundreds of Search and Rescue missions out of Clearwater, Florida. After leaving the military, Allen earned his MBA and began working for IBM. In 1997, he and his wife, Andrea, decided to leave Corporate America and strike out on their own with Argus Connection, Inc. Argus quickly grew into a multi-million dollar technology services company which they eventually sold in 2009. After taking some time off, the couple started Argus Rising in 2015, a First Responder Drone Training Company. Allen and Andrea have also written two books, the first is “Be a Wolf” (The Entrepreneurs Guide to Becoming a Leader of The Pack) and “Drone Start-Up 101” (Finding Your Fortune in the Drone Industry). In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Allen talks about his book, “Drone Start-Up 101” and shares his insights into building a successful drone based business based on his more than 20-years experience as an entrepreneur.

In This Episode

  • Introduction. Alan Beach is founder of Argus Rising, a drone company that provides first responder training. Along with his wife, Andrea, they are co-authors of Drone Start-Up 101, a book focused on starting a drone company and helping people finding their fortune in the drone industry.
  • The Idea. Alan and Andrea had been attending InterDrone for several years, and talked to hundreds of people who were looking for information on how to start a drone based business. The couple had previously written a previous business book, called “Be A Wolf.” So they decided to use those skills and experience from starting Argus Rising to help people get started.
  • Where To Begin. Typically, when people start a business, they focus on the infrastructure first. They buy a drone, get some training, pass their Part 107 certification, get insurance, launch a website and then look for business. The problem is that they haven’t invested any time in generating leads or sales, so they struggle.  Rather than focus on infrastructure, Allen believes people should focus on sales first, then build a business around the orders. This is counter intuitive for most people, but Allen says it’s the sales that drives the business, and people need to master that part as soon as possible.
  • Then and Now. Starting a business today is much different today than when Allen started his first business, more than 20 years ago. One of the greatest differences is the rise of social media, which allows entrepreneurs to connect much more easily with prospective customers and a fraction of a cost.  Entrepreneurs now have all of the same tools that the big players have and that’s something they couldn’t do back in 1997.
  • Drone Start Up 101. The book is a distillation of the experience Allen and Andrea have in starting their own drone business and our original business back in 1997. Allen provides insights into a variety of drone business opportunities and suggests that people build a business around what they know. The book also covers how to build a competitive advantage, finding a niche and marketing on a shoestring. There’s a chapter devoted to interviews with successful drone entrepreneurs that discuss how they built their successful business.
  • Doing What You Love vs. Doing What You Know. While most people feel they should focus on doing what they love, Allen says they should focus on what they know. In mos cases, people what people typically know is something that they also love.  But its important to understand the distinction.
  • Common Thread. Allen observes that many successful entrepreneurs have a few things in common, including a willingness to make sacrifices to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs really have to stay open to focusing their company to the sales they can make, which echos back to Allen’s earlier point. With the industry changing so rapidly, one can’t allow themselves to get pigeonholed into a business case that doesn’t provide value.
  • A Third Book. While writing the chapter on Trailblazers for Drone Start-Up 101, Allen and Andrea had so much fun and they saw an opportunity to write a third book.  The book will be called American Trailblazers and it will feature interviews with successful business people across all industries.
  • Husband and Wife Team. Andrea and Allen have formed a positive working business partnership that has endure more than 25 years. While perhaps not for all husband and wife teams, Allen suggests that the reason for their success is due because they’ve separated the business along what each is good at.  For example, Allen is great at sales and operations,while Andrea is best at accounts payable, payroll and taxes.
  • InterDrone Session. Allen will hosting a session at InterDrone 2018 on September 4 named after his book, Drone Start-Up 101. This half-day workshop will focus on helping people find success in the drone industry. It will cover everything from deciding what kind of business to start to sales, marketing and the top 5 checklist. The session will help simplify the process of starting and running a successful drone company. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the key components of starting a drone business, a myriad of viable options for drone start-ups, and an understanding of what it takes to be successful. Topics and tips will include:
    • Drone Opportunities Abound: Selecting what’s right for you.
    • Trail Blazers: Learn from those that have gone before you.
    • How to build a competitive advantage
    • Marketing on a shoestring
    • The hunt for start-up capital
  • Growing Your Business. It’s not just about starting a drone business, but moving it to next level. Allen shares some strategies to grow a business once the initial sales have been recorded.
  • Closing. For people who want to follow in their footsteps and start a business, Allen and Andrea want to help those people get started.

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