Preston Huntington

I think the DOD just gave a big contract to an Israel comopany and we’re here wondering, Why wasn’t that an American company?  Why can’t we forward capabilities that we’re creating here in the United States and provide those services to our own government?”

Preston Huntington

This Week’s Key Question

“Where Can American Drone Companies Go To innovate?”

This Week’s Guests

Preston Huntington is the Client Relations Manager at Xelevate Solutions, the mid-atlantic regions premier UAS Center of Excellence located in Leesburg, VA. With on-location labs, and varied operational areas, Xelevate offers innovators and operators a safe location to mature unmanned products, policies, and procedures in any industry.

Prior to Xelevate, Preston served as a Program Analyst at the United States Marshal’s Procurement HQ team working side-by-side with law enforcement contractors. His career has also seen him serve in various roles in the higher education industry eventually becoming the Director of Admissions at the Texas A&M Bush School of Government & Public Service in Washington D.C. Preston has a Masters in International Relations and a Bachelors in History from Norwich.

What We Learn

Preston introduces us to the Xelevate UAS Center of Excellence, and shares how the center can help strengthen American position and presence in the drone industry.

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