renee-lusano-sq2brdTopTenWhat would it be like to take a drone selfie? If you asked today’s guest on the Drone Radio Show, she would most likely say, “Epic”.

Renee Lusano is a freelance illustrator and designer from San Francisco who now lives in Los Angeles. She was recently featured in an article as the girl who travels the world snapping up breathtaking selfies with a drone. She’s here to share her passion for travel, photography and, of course, her quest to create epic drone selfies.

Show Outline

  • [01:14] Introduction to Renee Lasano and her background as a graphics designer
  • [01:49] Renee’s interest in traveling and how she decides where to go
  • [05:01] Tricks to traveling on a shoestring budget
  • [06:15] Renee talks about her interest in photography
  • [06:53] How the sight of one drone inspired Renee to take up aerial photography
  • [08:25] Learning to fly the drone and advice to others just learning to fly
  • [11:19] Renee describes the feeling she had when she took her first aerial image
  • [12:57] Traveling with a drone – Renee’s first trip
  • [14:21] Experience with entering foreign countries with a drone
  • [15:27] The origin of Renee’s drone selfies
  • [18:07] Planning and taking the drone selfie
  • [19:29] Renee talks about some of her favorite drone selfies
  • [20:27] Insights into why people love a good drone selfie
  • [21:15] Renee talks about the social media success of her drone selfies and photographs
  • [24:28]The ingredients to making a really good drone selfie
  • [26:00] How using a drone changes the way one sees the world
  • [26:48} Renee discusses her next steps and future plans
  • [27:35} What Renee has learned after all the traveling, photography and drone piloting

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Check Out One of Renee’s Drone Selfies Below

? #furbythedrone

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Drone selfie taken by Renee Lusano

Photo taken by Renee Lusano

Drone selfie of a canoe taken by Renee Lusano

Photo taken by Renee Lusano

Drone selfie of a beach taken by Renee Lusano

Photo taken by Renee Lusano