jorvig_borderTopTenWith so many companies planning to offer drone services, how do you know if your business is on the right path to becoming an industry leader?

Today’s guest on the Drone Radio Show is Brian Jorvig, Marketing Director for Launchboxx, the first full-service advertising and marketing team specializing in the drone industry. Brian is here to talk about Launchboxx and the services it provides to new drone start-up companies as well as established companies seeking to add drone based services. If you’re serious about rising above the competition, then you’ll want to hear how Launchboxx might be able to help.

Show Outline

  • [01:18] What is Launchboxx
  • [03:23] Why the drone industry benefits from a dedicated marketing/advertising services
  • [05:08] Quick tip for companies thinking about a drone based business/entry
  • [05:45] Type of services delivered by Launchboxx
  • [08:43] Which companies are being targeted?
  • [09:12] Response from clients for the services
  • [10:58] Launchboxx as part of the larger Absolute Marketing family
  • [12:02] The Name – “Launchboxx”
  • [12:37] What can Launchboxx offer to a new drone-based company?
  • [14:55] What does a business owner have to do to be successful in today’s environment?
  • [15:55] Working with established companies that want to add a drone-based service?
  • [17:03] Similarities between the approach used in working with start-up and established companies
  • [17:45] Brian Jorvig’s background in marketing and a pilot
  • [19:27] Where the interest in drones came from
  • [20:10] Brian’s drone flying experience
  • [22:10] North Dakota’s favorable drone environment and what that means for drone-based companies
  • [25:21] Hot fields for drone use today
  • [26:09] What’s on the horizon for Launchboxx?
  • [26:49] Outlook for the drone industry
  • [28:55] Brian’s final comments on the future opportunities
  • [29:59] Closing

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Brian Jorvig, Marketing Director for Launchboxx


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