kersnowski bordToday we’re talking about a new company that is meeting the need for drone services while providing a place for people to earn an income with their drones.

The name of the company is Fly4Me.  My guest is Adam Kersnowski, co-founder and CEO of Fly4Me.  Adam along with partner Dmitry Sharshunskiy came up with the idea of creating a drone for hire concept when they began using drones in their respective construction and energy companies.  Drones worked so well for their needs, that they saw the opportunity to create a business, which may set a high bar for drone-for-hire service companies.  Adam is here to talk about Fly4Me and how customers can tap into the services and how drone pilots can earn an income.

Show Outline

  • [01:17] What is Fly4Me and how did it get its start?
  • [02:50] The two sides of Fly4Me – Consumer and Business-to-Business Services
  • [04:19] Opportunities to pilot for Fly4Me
  • [05:31] How pricing is determined and what you get
  • [07:22] How does Fly4Me work?
  • [10:50] Selecting the best pilot for the job
  • [12:25] Fly4Me benefits to Customers
  • [13:05] Fly4Me benefits to Pilots
  • [13:22] Completing the sale – how payment is made
  • [14:40] Typical charges for Fly4Me services
  • [17:20] Adam’s personal drone experience
  • [18:49] Most rewarding part of creating Fly4Me
  • [19:30] Overcoming obstacles in creating the business
  • [20:16] How the Fly4Me business model changed from its initial concept
  • [20:55] Lessons learned
  • [22:08] Reactions of friends and family when starting a drone based business
  • [22:53] Response from the marketplace
  • [23:35] Advice to others seeking to develop a drone based business
  • [25:00] Is contracting for drone deliveries the next big thing?
  • [25:14] On the horizon – Fly4Me Academy – flight instruction for hobbyist and serious pilots
  • [26:37] Getting involved with Fly4Me
  • [26:00] Closing

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fly4me team

Fly4Me’s team. From left: co-founder Adam Kersnowski, designer David Amatuni, co-founder Dmitry Sharshunskiy, and attorney Karina Dodor.

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