How are drones used in Archaeology?

For that question, we turn to Stefano Campana, one of Italy’s most active and inventive professors, specializing in landscape archaeology, remote sensing and archaeological methodology for research, recording and conservation. His research is focused on the understanding of past landscapes from protohistory to the present day. Stefano’s work is centered primarily in Tuscany but he has also participated in and led research in the UK, Spain, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq and Asia.¬† He has written extensively on UAV use in archaeology with a particular focus on practical considerations, sensors and data processing. His writings stress the benefits of UAV systems, specifically their cost, accuracy and control of data capture. In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Stefano talks about how drones are used in the field of archaeology, their strengths and limitations and what archaeologists should consider when planning to use drones in their research.

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