What are the possibilities for aerial mapping systems?

Lorenzo Martelletti is Director of Sales and Marketing at Pix4D. Pix4D offers a software package that converts standard pictures into professional geo-referenced images and 3D models. The company is a leader in mapping and modeling for mining, construction, agriculture and the real estate industries. In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Lorenzo talks about aerial mapping systems, 3D modeling and how Pix4D’s UAV products and services are supporting a wide array of industries throughout the world.



In This Episode

  • [01:23] Introduction. Lorenzo Martelletti, Director of Sales and Marketing at Pix4D.  Pix4D offers a software package that converts standard pictures into professional geo-referenced images and 3D models.  The company started in 2011 with 4 employees and has grown to more than 80 employees in offices throughout the world.  Pix4D is a leader in mapping and modeling for mining, construction, agriculture and the real estate industries.  The success of the company’s growth can be traced to its software algorithms, which enabled precise mapping from images.  The company was well positioned to take advantage of the rising drone sales for mapping purposes.
  • [04:50] Industries Served.  Pix4D started serving the mining industries and has expanded to construction, surveying, accident reconstruction, precision agriculture, infrastructure inspection and real estate.
  • [06:35] 3D Modeling. Lorenzo discusses the benefits of 3D mapping and how consumer grade drones can produce such models automatically and easily.  3D modeling can be used to document construction information, architectural design, and more recently real estate.  The 3D models can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • [12:22]  Pix4D Application. Lorenzo discusses the various options for using the Pix4D software applications.  There are several options, depending on the industry and use case desired.  The flag ship product today is the Pix4D Mapper Pro, which is most used in the survey and mapping industries.
  • [16:18] Training. Lorenzo outlines some of the company provided training that is available via the website to support users. In addition, Pix4d provides training seminars at some locations.
  • [17:01]   Real Estate. Pix4D recently began providing software to create 3D models for the real estate industry. Users can easily create a 3D model of a property as additional marketing and sales element. The service is best geared to high end properties and is designed to help buyers short list properties they are interested in seeing. Lorenzo discusses the industry applications and how the software works to create 3D real estate models.
  • [21:42] Industry Challenges. The drone industry changes so fast and it places pressures on companies to remain flexible and adaptive.  Pix4D’s successful growth over the past four years is attributed to its ability to pivot as the industry and technology changes.  Companies must remain flexible and adaptive to these dynamics.  This also applies to delivering software internationally, where different languages, pricing channels, business applications vary.
  • [25:29] Sensor Development. As sensors get better and drone prices come down, more people will be able to use drones for mapping and data processing.  Lorenzo sees more data systems, but the challenge to maintain and produce quality measurement will always drive the industry. The trend towards smaller drones could lead to more specialization, more high value tasks. Again, companies, like Pix4D, will have to respond to these changes to stay competitive.
  • [29:10] Rewards. Lorenzo talks about the rewards of being with Pix4D since its inception.  Pix4D has an association with universities where the students can learn and specialize in the field of precision data systems.
  • [32:02] Closing. Lorenzo sees where Pix4D has been democratizing the process of making maps. Not too long ago, only certain people and professionals had access to the systems capable of making precision maps.  But today, thanks to companies like Pix4D, more people have the ability to create the data-driven maps to support their business.  Lorenzo sees this as being a good thing.

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