Have you ever wondered what it’s like to start and operate a droned videography business?


dAquinReese d’Aquin is a pilot, CEO and founder of Flying Home Productions, an Orlando based photography and video production company.  He and his partner, Nick Feinsod have been business for two years, producing a variety of aerial drone services for weddings, special events, real estate, construction, sports, movie production and many other services. On this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Reese talks about what it’s like to start a new drone videography business, some of the typical ups and downs a start up faces and why he left a secure job in hopes of pursuing a passion with a drone.

In This Episode

  • [  ] Introduction.  Meet Reese d’Aquin of Flying Home Productions, an aerial videography company located in Orlando, Florida.  The company has been in operation for two years and provides multiple videography services.  As a pilot and commercial videographer, the opportunities of placing a camera on multi-copter interested Reese, and it was natural decision to start a drone based videography business.  Reese started the business with his friend and partner, Nick Fiensod.
  • [  ] Growing the Business.  Reese and Nick experience the same challenges of many start-ups in building a consistent business.  It takes time to form new contacts and build up a client base.  But after two years, the company has gained a reputation for delivering high quality video products with a short turn-around time.  Reese comments that as drones have become more common place, it has gotten easier to get the business they’re seeking.
  • [  ] Drone Nationals.  I met Reese at the 2016 Drone Nationals in New York City, where he was working on a short promotional video of the event.  The video, found below, received more than 2,000 views in the first week and is a great example of the type of work produced by Flying Home Productions.
  • [  ] Background and Training.  Reese considers his aviation training as a strong asset in mastering drone flight, understanding the rules, and having the situational awareness to fly safe.  His background in graphic design and commercial videography provides the expertise to produce high quality video products.
  • [  ] Wedding Video Advice.  Reese has shot many weddings using a drone and he shares a few tips on what to consider in making a great wedding video.
  • [  ] Future Plans.  Reese and Nick are still developing their long term business plan for Flying Home Productions.  They would like to do more action sports videos, mapping and inspections.
  • [  ] Passion For The Work.  As Reese explains, he left a full-time job to create a business where he works “for more hours and less pay”, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.  For him, flying drones, producing videos and pursuing a business drives his passion.
  • [  ] Lessons Learned.  Reese shares some of the lessons he’s learned for those that are considering a drone based videography business.  At the top of the list is a good team, which is exemplified in the partnership that he and Nick have formed in building their business.
  • [  ] Closing

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Reese d'Aquin readies a drone for flight

Reese d’Aquin readies a drone for flight

Reese and Nick Compare Notes On a Shot

Reese and Nick Compare Notes On a Shot