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Show Notes – What We Tweeted

  • Michael Monnik, internet security consultant, talks about the anti-drone sector.
  • He specialized in internet security, then turned his skills to drone security and deterrence, creating DroneSec
  • The idea for DroneSec came after he saw a friend hack into a drone and take control.
  • The most search phrase by people visiting his site had to do with how large a budget should be set for anti-drone measures.
  • Drone threats include risks to military fighting overseas, invasion of privacy and malicious use.
  • Good news is that several companies are responding to drone threats with a range of mitigation options.
  • Does this mean that the anti-drone sector is poised for a major surge of growth?
  • From internet security to drone security, Mike Monnik’s story is about pivoting to meet new opportunities in the drone industry..
  • DroneSec started as an online repository of anti-drone information that found a strong following. He didn’t set out to start a new business. The business found him.
  • Mike created a new podcast on anti-drone initiatives, based on his research and interactions with others in the industry.
  • After listening to the podcast interview, you’ll want to download the new DroneSec Podcast for ongoing anti-drone news and ideas.
  • There are challenges in integrating drone security systems within the current regulations.
  • Companies want to know the total cost of a drone deterrence program.
  • Modified drones that cannot be easily recognized by existing systems, pose special challenges.
  • You want to select the proper drone deterrence option for the specific situation and risk.
  • Drone deterrence is so new, most are still trying to figure what questions to ask.
  • The drone security sector is creating demands for jobs that currently do not exist.
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