pekbrdYou’ve heard the saying, “There’s and app for that?”  Hang on to your seats, because you won’t believe what this app can do with a drone.

Pek PongPaet is the founder and managing partner of Impekable, a San Francisco Bay area full service digital studio specializing in mobile and web apps for a variety of technologies.  Some of their 100+ clients include Google, Motorola, HP and Twilio.  Earlier this year, Pek and his team demonstrated the use of Twilio’s API by developing a smart phone app that allows users to control a drone using a text chat room.  Pek’s here to talk about that demonstration, the role of mobile apps in the drone industry and how they could enable a whole new frontier of consumer opportunities.

In This Episode

  • [01:35] Introduction to Pek Pongpaet and Impekable.  Pek Pongpaet introduces himself as an engineer, programmer and founder and managing partner of Impekable.  Impekable is a digital design studio developing a range of mobile and web apps for more than 100 clients.  Impekable is small, nimble company known specifically for its design ability.
  • [03:42] Twilio Mobile App for Drone Control.  Pek describes a how Twilio’s API capabilities were demonstration through an app that used text chat to control a drone.  User entered a chat room via their smart room, where the Twilio administrators could share control of the drone to individual users.  Users typed in simple commands that the drone performed.
  • [09:38] Potential Voice Activation.  Because the user is already communicating via text, mobile app designers are only a few steps away from using voice activation to control the drone.  Pek talks about this possibility.
  • [12:00] Mobile Apps.  Pek talks mobile and web apps in general, and how and why apps are developed to support the business of companies or to create a better user experience for customers.
  • [16:52] Apps for Drones. Pek gives his perspectives on the type of apps that could be developed for drones to make the user experience easier, more accessible and convenient.  Some of these ideas might involve using a phone or watch app to call a drone to take photos when you’re on the beach or sky slope.  The goal is to make it easier for users to access drones for the things they want or need.
  • [20:26]  Technology Trends.  Pek talks about some of the current trends in the technology industry that might affect mobile apps for drones.  The key trend is the move to the Internet of Things, where smart devices will connect with other smart devices to create value or convenience.  More voice activated systems as well.
  • [24:43]  Similarities to the Tech Industry.  Pek talks about the similarities between the way the drone industry is growing and that of the app industry, and what impacts we might expect to see in the drone industry, including rapid changes, disruption and employment restructuring.
  • [26:36] Final Comments. Pek sees continued growth in the drone industry and hopes that Impekable will play a role in creating new apps to support that growth.

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