Bill Chen works at DJI’s central office in China in the business development and channel marketing section. There he’s charged with setting up new ways in which the company’s products can be experienced. In 2016, DJI formed a partnership with Marriott Resorts to allow guests to learn how to fly a drone.  Guests take a 30-minute class under the supervision of a qualified DJI instructor.  In this episode, Bill talks about DJI, the partnership with Marriott, and how the Drone Experience Program works.

In This Episode

  • [01:30] Introduction. Meet Bill Chen of DJI.
  • [02:14] About DJI. Bill provides background on DJI, and it’s rise to dominance in the drone industry. DJI originally started as a hobbyist supplier for RC systems.  When the drone industry begin to grow, DJI pivoted to serve the demand for consumer drones.
  • [05:12] Drone Experience Program. In 2016, DJI approached Marriott Resorts to create an opportunity for guests to learn how to fly a drone and take aerial images. Bill talks about the origins of the program and how it works. It is currently being rolled out at the JW Marriott Zhejiang Anji resort in China. Weekly classes are offered to guests, led by qualified DJI staff.
  • [13:29] The Future. The Drone Experience Program is brand new, and DJI and Marriott expect to see the program expand to other resorts and be one of the menu items on the hotel’s guest activity list. Eventually, provide a vehicle for guests to rent a drone to enhance their vacation experience.
  • [15:23] Initial Results. Bill shares some of the initial results of the Drone Experience Program and the lessons learned to date.
  • [16:23] Application to Other Industries. Bill talks about how the Drone Experience Program can be expanded to other areas of the travel industry?
  • [19:02]  Working With DJI. Bill has worked for DJI for 8 months focused on creating new partnerships that will expand the reach of DJI products across industries.  He shares some of the positive experiences of working at DJI, the recognized leader in the drone industry,
  • [21:13] Closing. Bill hopes that through the DJI Drone Experience Program, more people throughout the world will be able to safely learn about and experience drones.

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