Megan Gaffney is Vice President of Marketing and Tyler Mason is Director of Digital Media, both from AirVuz.  AirVuz was was launched in late 2015 as a video-sharing platform for the worldwide drone community. Featuring a blend of user-generated content and original programming, AirVūz has become the premiere online video site for the emerging Drone Age.  In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Megan and Tyler talk about the factors that can boost a video’s likeability and push it to the top of the charts. Anyone wanting to take their drone videos to the next level will be interested in hearing what Tyler and Megan have to share.


In This Edition
  • Introduction. Megan Gaffney is Vice President of Marketing for AirVuz and Tyler Mason is Director of Digital Media (also from AirVuz). Both are drone pilots and have experience producing drone videos.  Before joining AirVuz, Tyler used the platform to showcase his early aerial footage.
  • AirVuz Popularity. AirVuz was launched in late 2015 as a video-sharing platform for the drone community. Over the past 2 ½ years, the site has grown to more than 250,000 registered members and more than 50,000 aerial videos. Via social media, AirVuz reaches more than 10 million people per month, which is shared many fold, giving AirVuz a high degree of visibility. The site has 23 categories of aerial videos, which means there is something for everyone.
  • Making a Compelling Video. Megan and Tyler (as well as many other AirVuz staff members) watch dozens of drone vides every day. In fact, all videos submitted to AirVuz are curated by the staff.  Based on reviewing hundreds of videos, Megan and Tyler provide some tips on making your videos stand out, get noticed and shared on the platform. They talk about an attention grabbing opening (the first 5-seconds), video length, and hardware choices, shot selection, time of day and use of filters.
  • Skills. In general, successful drone videos require mastering of three skills – (a) piloting a drone, (b) shooting great video and (c) editing. Of the three, editing may pose the greatest challenge to most new drone operators. Tyler and Megan share their experience in mastering this skill set.
  • Video Trends. While AirVuz receives a wide variety of videos, Tyler noted that travel videos and videos incorporating people are most popular. Again, with so many videos competing for attention, the first 4-5 seconds can make a difference.
  • AirVuz Video Awards. In 2017, AirVuz launched an annual contest to recognize the very best in drone videography. All videos uploaded to AirVuz between January 1, 2017 and December 15, 2017 was eligible to win. More than 33,000 videos were uploaded. Five nominees were selected for 13 categories. Anyone who uploaded a video to AirVuz will be able to vote for their favorite in each of the categories.  Winners will be announced on February 5th, via Facebook Live.
  • Closing. Megan hopes anyone who visits or uploads a video the AirVuz, has a positive user experience and sees that everything has been developed with the user needs and enjoyment in mind.
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