Justin-QuigleyTopTenAre you thinking about starting a drone based business, but don’t know where to start?  Today’s guest is Justin Quigley, owner of Birdseye Productions in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Justin describes how he was inspired to create a new business, the steps he took to get it off the ground and some of the things that make starting a drone based business unique.

In This Episode

  • (00:58) What is Birdseye Productions and what inspired it?
  • (03:23) Justin’s flight training and his first flight.
  • (04:50) How the business got started?
  • (06:04) What are some of the things to consider when?
  • (08:20) Lessons learned and initial results of the work
  • (09:24) Section 333 Exemption – what does it entail and what does it mean to a business?
  • (10:27) Capturing special moments with a drone and minimizing distractions
  • (12:44) Outlook for the drone industry
  • (14:17) Advise to others thinking about starting a drone based business
  • (15:16) Ways to promote the drone industry forward.
  • (16:00) Closing

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