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Thanks To This Drone, Washing Buildings Just Got Easier

Andrew Ashur, CEO and Founder of Lucid Drone Technologies, talks about the company’s revolutionary C1 Cleaning Drone and how it is disrupting the industrial cleaning industry by providing a solution that is much faster and safer than traditional cleaning methods.

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Moving the Earth with a Drone

Richard Hordern-Gibbings, Director of Partnerships at Propeller, talks about the use of drones in the earthworks industry and how Propeller is leading efforts to help these companies find greater efficiencies and ROI.

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Adapting to Change – A Drone Service Provider Perspective

Ian Foley, CEO of Pacific Triangle, talks about the drone service provider industry and the challenges and opportunities of starting and leading a new company. He provides insights into how to lead-the-ship through the fast-changing UAV landscape.

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Zach Adams, Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

Pitch Aeronautics

Is This Drone An Inspection Industry Game-Changer?

Zach Adams, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer of Pitch Aeronautics, talks about the company’s innovative Astria drone and how itss patented cyclorotor technology is making dangerous jobs safer.

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