Category: Safety & Securty

The White House Domestic Counter UAS Strategy

Charles Werner, Director of DroneResponders, talks about a new White House initiative on Counter UAS. This initiative will impact all public safety organizations in the US, and he offers suggestions on how to work with and prepare for the National Action Plan. He also provides an update on what DroneResponders is doing to promote public safety use of drones.

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Draganfly – A Story of Innovation for the Long-Term

Cameron Chell, CEO and President of Draganfly, talks about the new additions to the Draganfly product line, the company’s efforts to support Ukraine in its war effort and he offers several perspectives on the current state and direction of the drone industry and how Draganfly has remained leader in the industry for so long.

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Mapping Volcanos to Protect Lives

David Adjiashvili, Founder and Vice President of Products at Drone Harmony, talks about the company’s 3-D mapping services and how that technology can be used to accurately map and model large vertical geographic areas.

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Protecting Cities from Drone Incursions

Aaditya Devarakonda (AD), CEO of Dedrone, talks about the company’s detection solutions, an innovative partnership with Swisscom Broadcast to protect their clients from drone incursions and how this technology could, in the future, as a shield to protect cities.

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Forming Strategic Partnerships for C-UAS

Lucas Le Bell (Cerbair) and Mike Monnik (DroneSec) talk about their respective companies, the nature of today’s drone threats and their partnership to deliver an enhanced level of counter UAS threat intelligence. 

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